South Fontana, October 1988

All I needed was $15.99 and the deck on clearance at the Upland Pipeline would be mine. Born without a silver spoon meant it was time to get creative for income. Saving my lunch money alone wasn’t going to cut it. An idea popped into my mind- I’m going to draw skateboarding pictures for kids in my class and sell them for twenty five cents each and not stop until my new deck was funded. I really had no other options. Skateboarding kept my mind clear from all the chaos. Fifty six drawing later I got my new deck.

Heel Bruise, We Break Through.



Since its debut in spring of 2009, Heel Bruise has accomplished co-operative projects with the admirable likes of SkyPage, Stussy, Chocolate Skateboards, Lance Mountain, Gino Iannucci’s Poets, Diamond Supply Company, and skateboard chronicler The Chrome Ball Incident.

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