BRUISERS is a five minute promo starring Victor Mendoza, Yavor Ski, & Billy Davenport. The whole backdrop of how this promo came about and unfolded is cool. I’ve known Victor and Yavor since they were little kids skateboarding. Years have gone by and I ran into Victor again, and ask him if he wants to intern at Heel Bruise. Didn’t really know if he kept skateboarding or not. Last time I saw him he was really into soccer trying to play for the local College. After working in the warehouse at Heel Bruise for a few months, we watched a few old skate clips of him, enjoyed his skateboarding, and asked him if he was down to film some clips for a fun commercial or maybe even a promo. So he goes out and starts filming with Darien and here’s what they gathered in the last couple months. Then Billy got on. He just finished his part in the TaHa video and hit the streets again to make this promo happen.


Summer tour coming soon, TBA.