In late August after much conversing with Eric at Chrome Ball and enjoying all that he does on his site, we asked him if he’d be into putting our efforts together in working on a project. I really like photos on tees, and bounced an idea to Chrome Ball of giving tribute to skate videos that pioneered what skateboarding is today by capturing and projecting unforgettable “non-action” scenes. There are those of you that lived it and know those moments are countless, and so this could’ve easily been one of those “big-all-over-screen-print-type” tees (that we don’t make) if we tried to fit them all on… (Click HERE for more )


We want to say thank you to Eric at the Chrome Ball Incident for collaborating his efforts with ours in making this VHS tee a fun one for us, and many thanks to all the skateboarders, filmers, people, & places that have inspired us to do what we do past, present, and future.