Enigma? Airwalk

So like I had this urge to create a holiday wish list back in December 08. I commenced to creating a triumphant fantasy wish list. This list included a number of unobtainable limited product concepts, one of which happened to be a pair of retro kicks, a fresh pair of crispy new-New Year jump offs…

Unfortunate, but noteworthy, I at the time was fiending for a sharp pair of Enigmas, maybe some Disasters, Airwalk 540’s, shoot anything Airwalk really, those kicks used to get me so psyched. But I guess somewhere between the point in which I was finishing off rounding out my fantasy wish list, and then the subsequent discovery that Airwalk shoes is still alive and kicking, I started to lose the seasonal buzz.

It was in fact Christmas right, why did they not get the picture? It was so clear in my mind. The Half Cabs have been successful on the scene for like what, a decade and a half? Jordan 1’s drop new like it’s going out of style, I mean somebody please, give me an answer.

Feeling a bit scrooged and somewhat defeated I made it a point to email Lori at Airwalk. Lori what’s up? I’m bummed, what’s going on? Check it out, we need retros, real talk, what’s the problem? Why are we not on this? With the letter I sent a picture of Prototypes, some 540’s and the olive and tan Enigmas with the black mid-sole. Get it together, I pleaded, we need these

A few months pass, March rolls around and what do I stumble across but an online post of an Airwalk brand collab with Staple. Seems the ever so elusive weird Prototype re-issues, are maybe limited to one size run in three assorted colors.

Around the end of May though, things came full circle when my dude D-Tel, out in NY hit me off with a really epic care package comprised of the three different Airwalk Prototype 600F’s Trying to steer clear of any real sort of product review and in an effort to suspend my own disbelief, I will say this…

First, the two variants have some vibrant colors and utilize materials like nubuck and patent leather, secondly, the one solid colorway that they came close on are the red, black and grey ones, there’s a trace of faux snake skin, and lastly, 600F when spelled out looks like the word GOOF! It’s almost perfect really, I guess.

Change is good, I’m a big advocate of it, but some things don’t really need changing. Which is especially true when it comes to twisting something that was done right the first time around. As for Airwalk I would like to commend their efforts, I think the choice to re-issue a Prototype is epic, but since no one is looking towards Airwalk to do something new, it would best serve them to stick to the roots, look no further.