Gofer Broke def: origin; phrase was used from the 442nd Infantry composed of mostly Japanese Americans in World War II. The motto for them was to “gofer broke”, meaning they would give everything they had, no matter what challenges they faced. (see fight song) The motto was derived from a Hawaiian pigeon phrase used by gamblers risking all of their money on a single roll of the dice.


1. to risk it all, even if it means losing everything; to go all out


2. black cotton snapback by Heel Bruise available Spring 2011. Goldenrod screen print, custom taping throughout, & military canvas duck twill bill. One size fits all.


“Sam Gofer Broke! Hooh! We don’t give a damn! We’ll round them up at the point of our guns, And vict’ry will by ours! Gofer Broke! Four-Four-Two! Gofer Broke! Four-Four-Two!” – 442nd Infantry