Heel Bruise Alumni: Jeff Ringler

Heel Bruise Alumni Jeff Ringler rolled through the HQ today to drop some goods and talk about his post skate industry career selling cans at Montana‘s flagship paint boutique in Los Angeles & finishing up his MFA at Pepperdine University.





Richard: Who’s your average Montana Cans consumer?
Jeff: The kids who ask how much everything is that don’t buy anything.


Richard: How many skateboarders come in there?
Jeff: A ton. So many skateboarders come in. Everybody wants to spray paint their griptape.


Richard: What kind of music do you guys play in there all day?
Jeff: Classical. People want to leave after the eye noise subsides.


Richard: What do you miss about doing Heel Bruise East Coast Sales?
Jeff: Del Taco breakfast and kicking your ass at carpet skate.


Richard: Why go back to school? Especially one like Pepperdine?
Jeff: Life is learning. I just missed academics, and I felt having a Masters is really important.


Richard: Favorite Woody Allen quote?
Jeff: “I don’t want achieve immortality through my work, I prefer to achieve it through not dying.”