Heel Bruise Fall 2011 Delivery

Heel Bruise Fall 2011 delivery out now.


Denim Coach Jacket & L/S Triton Shirt


Fighting Cocks. Everybody’s got plans until they get hit. – Mike Tyson




Shink Sips. Loose behavioral mispronunciations seem to occur when you add rum


Rock of Ages


Cruiser. Low rider drives a little slower… Low rider is a real goer. – War


Naval Squad


The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war.


Ghetto Wear. Influential to say the least. Our homage 2011


NonStop. Kilroy was here.


Grain Logo. Available on Hood as well.


Old English Skull


Gimme Danger. Lindbergh, 3600 miles in 33.5 hours


H-Bees Zip Hood. USN Construction Battalions inspo. Available in tee as well


H-Bees color crew & snapback. Available in tee as well


Anytime Anywhere Sport Hood. Available in tee as well.


Smile Now Hood. Available in tee as well


Elephant Ringer Zip Hood


Elephant Ringer Zip Hood (back)


Old English Skull Nylon Coach Jacket



L/S Triton Chambray & Monogram Snapback



Denim Coach Jacket with tweed embroidery


Claw Canvas Duck Snapbacks


Ringer Logo Canvas Duck Snapbacks


Bruiser Wool Snapbacks


H-Bees Patch Wool Snapback



Heel Bruise Embroidery Canvas Duck adjustable cap


Classic Heel Bruise Logo Hood