Holiday 2011 postview: Better Late Than Never

At least for me going into my closet each morning the gear that’s 8 months to 2 years old is what I naturally tend to gravitate towards putting on. It’s kinda weird – the older the graphic, the more appreciation and attachment. I have this Stussy World Tour shirt by Micheal Leon that I still run solid for the last six years. With preparing for the Agenda Show & UTR last month, we’ve unintentionally neglected a few other things of less priority. So here we are tardy for the party in showing new products that we’re made exclusively for Holiday. Our heads are designing for Holiday 2012, but when I stop and look back at this season we created months ago – If It Flies, Starvin’, and Lance 83′ reissue in multicolors all bring me a smile.


These have all been made available our Stockists for the last several weeks now, and will be available online next week.


If It Flies & Let It Roll

Starvin’ & Elephant Fill

Logo Ringer & Black Leopard

Lance 83′ t-shirt & crewneck