Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace I’m going through…

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. – Bowie.

Sometimes life has different plans for you. As you know, Friday morning sessions with the Mountains are sacred. Seriously—mandatory broseph time. This was going to be a new venture to Volcom’s TF. Everybody’s meeting at my house at 9:00am, grab coffee, then skate. Had plans head down the road to Agenda after. However, instead of gripping a new board and carpooling to the park, I am driving my wife to the hospital (sick all week).  Instead of rolling on a new board, I am rolling a stroller through Volcom watching dudes skate, all while waiting for my wife’s text saying nothing is wrong.  All good. Wife is better now and getting healthy.

My agenda changed from walking through the booths at the Hyatt to walking to the Pharmacy booth at CVS. James & company held it down for us at Agenda and opened new accounts for Spring. It’s all going to be ok. Thank you and have a good day.