The next enjoyable moment to my text book morning routine of fetching a McDonald’s latte is finding packages on your desk when you walk in on a Monday morning. Author and skateboarder Anthony Pappalardo (not to be mistaken with pro skater AP) sent us a copy of his latest work with Max Morton called Live…Suburbia! It’s a sick collection with tons of throw back pics and personal stories of the post-1960s subcultures and how it unfolded before us. I really dug what Max said about everyone in the late 70’s era and their obsession with kung-fu. Thanks Anthony!








More of Live…Suburbia! HERE.


“Documenting American subculture through images and anecdotes, from the juvenile KISS Army in oil-based face paint to the year punk broke, Live… Suburbia! celebrates the evolution of the teenage explorer. Rushing through years packed with ninjas, spike gauntlets, BMX dirt jumps, seven-ply skateboards, bathroom mohawks, skinheads, the straight edge, basement DJs, graffiti murals behind supermarkets, we finally arrive in the 1990s where it all collides.”  – Powerhouse Books